Dinner Menu

Table of Contents


Homemade cream of tomato soup
French onion soup
Seafood chowder
Parmesan cheese fondue
Aged cheese fondue with tomato salsa
Fried clams
Cod bites with yogurt, cucumber and cilantro sauce
Baked garlic cream escargots (Mozzarella or blue cheese)
Crab cake with whole-grain mustard, caper and fine herbs sauce
Lemon fried calamari with spicy thai mayo
Duck rillettes with caramelized onions and cranberries
Baked seafood-stuffed shell
Atkins smoked salmon with crème fraîche, red onions and fried capers
Seared scallops on creamy leeks topped with curry sauce and cilantro
Baked seafood crepe
Classic salmon tartare with pickled onions
Vegetable samosas


Classic caesar salad
(romaine, croutons, bacon bits and cesar dressing)
Anne-Claire salad
(lettuce, shredded chicken, croutons, bacon bits, cheddar cheese and secret dressing)
Greek salad
(lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese)

Add-ons for salads:

Grilled chicken breast Petite | Grande 0
Shrimp skewer Petite | Grande 0
Grilled salmon Petite | Grande 0
Filet mignon Petite | Grande 0

Fish and Seafood

(served with rice and fresh vegetables, except for the fish & chips and the bouillabaisse)

Homemade fish & chips
Grilled cod with sauce vierge
Baked cod à la provençale
Poached cod with seafood sauce
Baked cod, shrimps and scallops in a creamy pink peppercorn sauce
Crispy cod tongues
Salmon fillet with pesto and sun-dried tomato crust
Poached salmon in a lobster sauce
Sole fillet with lemon & caper butter
Lightly seared cajun spiced tuna with mango salsa
Baked seafood-stuffed shell
Shrimp platter
(skewer, garlic, butterfly and tempura shrimps)
(fish and seafood soup in a tomato and white wine broth)

Butcher’s Choice

(served with fresh vegetables and a choice of side : rice, fries, sweet potato fries or roasted potatoes)

Roasted 5 spice duck legs
Braised beef cheeks with Port mushroom sauce
Beef macreuse with Porter cheese gratin and red wine & shallot sauce
Filet mignon with cognac peppercorn sauce

Create your own surf and turf with these add-ons:

4 butterfly shrimps Petite | Grande 0
Baked seafood-stuffed shell Petite | Grande 0
Shrimp and scallop skewer Petite | Grande 0
Lobster tail - Market price Petite | Grande 0


(served with rice, roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables)

Chicken brochette with BBQ sauce and cognac peppercorn sauce
Shrimp brochette with garlic butter
Filet mignon brochette with cognac peppercorn sauce
Surf & Turf brochette (filet mignon, shrimps and scallops)


(Our pastas are sprinkled with parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper, except for the Lobster Mac & Cheese)

Grilled chicken penne with onions and peppers in a rosé sauce*
Lobster Mac’n cheese
Seafood spaghetti*
Smoked salmon and nordic shrimps linguine*
Scallops fettuccini carbonara*
Captain’s fettuccini with scallops, shrimps and lobster*
Create your own pasta!
Choice of pasta : penne, linguine, fettuccini, spaghetti, macaroni
Choice of sauce : meat sauce, alfredo*,carbonara*, arrabiata
* contains white wine and garlic
Garlic bread Petite | Grande 0
Garlic cheese bread Petite | Grande 0


3 cheese (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
Pepperoni (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
All-dressed (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
Vegetarian (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
House special (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
BBQ chicken (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
Shrimp (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")
Seafood (6") (9") (12") (14") (16")

On the go

Fries and poutines

French fry
| Medium
| Large
French fry with sauce
| Medium
| Large
Poutine (brown or BBQ sauce)
| Medium
| Large
Poutine with chicken
| Medium
| Large
Poutine with spaghetti meat sauce
| Medium
| Large
Poutine with nordic shrimps in a pink peppercorn sauce
Sweet potato fries
Onion rings

Sandwiches and more

Club sandwich
Shrimp club sandwich (with an egg)
Lobster club sandwich (with an egg)
Club style panini
Grilled chicken panini
Atkins smoked salmon bagel
Lobster grilled-cheese
Chicken wings platter (12)
Chicken fingers platter (3)
Chicken wings
| (12)
| (24)